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Learning Beyond the Classroom


Individualized. Intentional. Innovative.

Is your child struggling in any subject area? Are frustration, anger, despair, failure, and hopelessness familiar feelings when you think of your child’s academic future? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.

The Specialized Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) is comprised of professionals that are trained and experienced to assist all students, those that may be having issues with specific subjects as well as those with varying exceptionalities, behavioral, and socio-emotional concerns overcome their deficits and become independent learners while achieving success.

At SAIL, our mission and passion is to assist students overcome any learning challenge or academic needs and achieve their upmost potential. We believe every child can learn and achieve success given the proper support and intervention.

Get in touch with us today for more information and to schedule a meeting with a trained professional that will evaluate your child’s needs and begin the road to success.

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Skillset Building Toolbox

Delivering Results That Last

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Private School Programs

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Search and Teach

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Handwriting without Tears

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Educational Therapy

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Executive Function Coaching

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Reading Intervention

Math Formulas

Math Remediation

English Tutor

Tutoring Services

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Documentation Review

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Summer Programs

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Psycho-Educational Assessments

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Community Referrals

For additional information on each program in our Skillset Toolbox contact us via phone or email to speak to a qualified representative. 

“Throughout life, we all face different challenges and mine was difficulties in learning. I can stand here today and proudly say because of Christ, educational therapy, my family, Mrs. Montaner, and others along the journey, I will be obtaining a Master's degree in social work this December. This achievement did not come without its tears and growing pains, but thanks to the work done through educational therapy, I was able to learn tools and equip myself with skills needed for success.  Understanding my difficulties and confidently learning that they didn’t limit me as others told me, made the difference in my life.

Aside from personally benefiting from educational therapy as a student, I had the privilege to work under Mrs. Montaner with students who like me, faced similar challenges. In working with these student’s, I was able to encourage them with the same techniques that had helped me in the past, and I was happy to see their lives transformed as mine was. I am a living testimony that the work that Mrs. Montaner does through educational therapy works and is successful. It's not just that she provided the educational therapy, but that she cares for her students in a holistic manner and wants them to achieve their goals and dreams. Mrs. Montaner instills in her students the needed confidence and provides them with the tools to help them get there.”

- Josey

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